Best 21 Selfie Poses Idea

VD September 09 2021

It's difficult to go wrong with these selfie poses, so take note of them so you can apply them the next time you want to snap a good pic.

Selfies are having quite the moment these days, and for good reason: they're exposing us to all sorts of neat angles that we might not ordinarily see. Sure, some selfies leave something (or everything) to be desired (and maybe inspire us to try out a few bad ones), but others perfectly capture that 'Gram-worthy shot we've always dreamed of.

If you're looking for inspiration beyond scrolling through your social feeds, allow us to point you in the direction of Instagrammer Ariana Grande, whose self-portrait game is strong. Or check out Miley Cyrus, who is giving Grande a run for her money. And of course, there are plenty more where that came from.

But let's get back to you and your selfie game.

Below, check out 21 different ways (for both solo shots and selfies with friends) to take the best pics of your life.

1. The Medium-Close Up Pose

If you want to go beyond the classic arm stretched out in front of your shot, try this next-level selfie that takes full advantage of the iPhone's FaceTime camera. Just prop it up on a surface or hold it in front of you at about chest height and snap away! Your eyes will look extra big and bright, plus other neat details—like how long your lashes look—will be totally visible.

2. The Forehead Kisser

Everyone knows that a kiss makes just about anything look better, and that goes for selfies, too! If you're a fan of the classic selfie pose but want to take it up a notch, try this trick: move your face close to the camera lens so your forehead is touching it, then snap away. Your eyes will have a dreamy quality and if you pucker up, you'll impart an extra dose of cuteness factor to your picture without having to add any other filters. This works best with the front-facing FaceTime camera on iPhone because it's at eye level - otherwise, you might get a double chin.

3. The Sideways Glance

Adding a touch of mystery to your selfie pose is super easy when you try this pose. Just prop your phone up in front of you, look slightly upwards and away from the camera, then snap a pic. The resulting picture will show part of your face and some hair—and it'll be more intriguing because you won't be completely visible.

4. The Overhead Shot

If selfies are all about capturing that perfect shot, then going crazy-upside down with an overhead selfie is another option for getting a good angle on yourself. To get the results above, simply get on top of a chair or other object (make sure whatever you're standing on is sturdy enough to hold your weight), tilt your head way back, and take a picture. If you're wearing a dress or skirt, make sure to tuck it into your waistband first - otherwise, everyone will be able to see your undies in the pic!

5. The High-Angle Shot

  Another great option for taking an eye-catching selfie is by using an object above you as a makeshift tripod. You can use anything that's stable enough to hold your phone up high, like a chair or even a stack of thick books. Then prop your phone on top so it's at about chest height, lean towards the camera slightly, and snap away.

6. The Look-Down Pose        

One easy selfie pose with friends is to lie down with them. Just lie flat on your back, hold your phone above you (like you're taking a downward dog yoga pose ) and snap like crazy. It'll look like your friends are super tall - and really close to you!

7. The Low-Angle Shot

Another interesting selfie pose is by getting down low so the camera gets a cool angle on your face. Just prop up your phone on something near the ground, get on all fours, and snap away. You can also stand with one knee bent so it's touching the floor, then take a photo looking up at yourself while keeping both feet flat on the ground - that'll give it even more of an artsy feel.

8. The Partner Pose

  If you're feeling playful, try taking a pic with a friend! You can do this by holding your phone up high, then have one of you jump into the frame. It'll look like you're being lifted, but they're actually just jumping - or if they are lifting you, it'll make for an awesome shot.

9. The Sneaky Shot

  If you want to take pics without anyone noticing, try using one hand to hold your phone above your head as far out in front of you as possible, and the other hand to snap the photo. No one will be able to peek into your selfie because they won't know what's going on! This works best when you're in a crowded space where no one is likely to look up at whatever's above them and see your face.

10. The Kneeling Pose

One of the coolst selfie pose is by kneeling down on one knee - this pose is flattering for almost everyone, plus it's really easy to execute. Just kneel down as though you're about to tie your shoe or sit cross-legged, then prop up your phone slightly above eye level and snap away!

11. The Overhead-Low Angle Shot

If you want an artsy style selfie without going too crazy with filters, try this pose: hold the camera high over your head (about a foot or two) and take a picture looking down at yourself slowly from above. This can be achieved either by onto something elevated so you're looking down on it or by kneeling and looking up at yourself.

12. The Bleach-Blonde Pose

If you're feeling mischievous, try taking an overhead selfie with your hair pulled back into a bleach-blonde man bun. Just put your phone above you as if to take a shot from way up high, then tie your hair into that classic male hairstyle and snap away! Bonus points for doing this in front of a mirror so people can see how silly you look.

13. The Double-Bun Pose

Another option is the double bun: first section off the top half of your hair and does an ordinary bun - but leave the remaining strands hanging out to create something like a braided crown over your head. Then do another regular bun right on top of the first one and snap away! This will give your selfie pose a cool, artsy feel.

14. The "No Hands" Pose

One pose that's very easy to master is taking a hands-free selfie. Just prop up your phone against something at about chest height (like a wall or dresser), lean in towards it, and smile as you snap the pic. You could also put your phone on a flat surface like a table or desk, bend down low so it takes up most of the frame, and snap with no hands! If you're doing this by yourself, just set up your phone somewhere out of view and then go back to take the shot - it'll look like someone else took the photo of you.

15. The Upward Angle Shot

If your selfie game is getting a little stale, try taking some shots where you look up at yourself. All you need to do is hold your phone above eye level and get on your tip-toes to get that perfect angle. This works especially well if you're wearing heels or ankle boots, which will elongate your legs even more than they already are!

16. The "Catch Me!" Pose

Another fun pose is when one person in the shot is in midair - just have one friend stand facing towards another standing still with their feet together, then jump up between them while holding out your arms like an airplane wing. They should catch you as you fall into the frame, then hold up their phone to take a selfie! If they're too short or too weak to catch you, try doing this with two people standing on chairs so it looks like they lifted you up.

17. The Cuddle Pose

One cute selfie pose is by wrapping your arms around another person and not letting go. Just have someone stand in front of you while leaning back without moving their legs, then wrap your arms around them with your head resting on top of theirs. This pose is especially great for couples who are just friends - or for anyone with adorable pups! You can also lay down on top of them if you want to switch things up.

18. The Knee on Shoulder Pose

Another great selfie pose is when you're laying down and putting your knee up on someone's shoulder. This works best if you have a friend to help you out, but it can also be done on your own - just sit next to a wall with the bottom half of your body facing towards the camera and rest the top part of your leg against it. Then get close to the ground and snap away!

19. The Side-By-Side Pose

If you want to take a more artsy shot, try taking a selfie while standing side by side with another person. Just hold both phones next to each other pointed at yourself, then raise them up slightly higher than eye level for that classic high school class photo feel! If you're taking a selfie with another person, try standing on your tip-toes and having them hold their arm above your head so it looks like they're holding you up.

20. The Elbow Pose

Elbows are also a great way to take selfies. Just lay your phone on the ground and prop yourself up over it with one elbow, then smile as you snap away! This pose is especially cute if there's snow or sand around - or even just a pretty background that adds some flair to the picture. You can also prop yourself up with both elbows for more of a shock factor.

21. The Ladder Pose

Another selfie pose that's quite simple but effective is when you climb on something and hold the camera below you. Just find something you can stand on - like a chair or table - and take your picture from way up high. This works best if you have some sort of fun backdrop behind you, like a vibrant wallpaper or scenic view. And now that you know how to take selfies, tell us: which pose is your favorite?

Other photo idea

The boudoir photo shoot is a great way to show off your sexy side. You can bring props, wear lingerie, and play up your best assets. A boudoir photo shoot is the perfect way to show your significant other how confident and beautiful you are. If you want to make your boudoir photos extra special, consider hiring a professional photographer. Don't forget to have fun with your boudoir photo shoot! Be sure to bring along some music that gets you in the mood, and don't be afraid to get creative with your poses.


There are many good selfie poses - you just need to be creative and do what works best for you! So try out these poses today and snap your next pic in a brand new way.