21 Best Couple Poses for Portrait Photography

VD July 07 2021


Marriage and everything that comes with it needs to be captured in nice poses. That has been the major reason why more and more couples are looking for professional photography to capture these moments. Such romantic poses capture the personal stories that the couples want to share with their family and friends.

What makes such photos unique is understanding what it takes to get cute photo poses. In this article, I am going to share the 30 best couple poses for portrait photography.

Let's get started!

Make a plan for couple poses

Great couple photo poses are made, they aren't taken. To get the best pose for a couple, you have to understand them. This calls for a photographer to be mission-oriented before they set out to go take such romantic photos.

All portraits come down to the couples' comfort level. If the pair is uptight and uncomfortable around you, you aren't going to be able to get very good photographs. So, from the first time you meet with your couple, focus on making the experience fun and exciting.

Lay out the idea through a lot of informal consultations between you and the couple. Share the examples with them so they get to understand your viewpoint and how each will be taken. With a plan in mind, here are 7 great poses for couples:

1. Sitting

Sitting is another couple photo pose that your clients can try. There are so many couple poses that couples can take in this position. The couples can sit on stools or one on a stool and the other on the lap.

The couple can explore many options, styles, and poses. The greatest trick of all is to allow the couples to lean towards the camera lens. This move produces a powerful impression. Sitting on a bench is a classic friends-talking look.

2. Laying down

This reclined pose has a more intimate feel than standing or sitting. This is because such a pose allows couples to look more natural and at ease with their guards down.

This pose allows you to try different face angles with the couples lying on their backs. They can look at each other and so on.

3. Standing

Standing, sitting, or lying down are the three basic photo poses that do not change but capture great romantic couple poses. As a professional photographer, you can use the three with other photo shoots. Ensure that you use your positioning well to foster a sense of intimacy.

Standing poses should be done as close together as possible, and always touching in some way. The physical connection can be enhanced by things like holding hands. Using this standing pose, you can recreate some of the famous scenes from movies like Titanic.

4. Hugging

If there is anything that intimately speaks to the eyes, it is hugging. It is a symbol of closeness that works in nearly all situations. A good place to start is the couple putting their arms across each other’s shoulders.

The good thing about this romantic photoshoot is that the couples can look at each other or straight into the camera. Hugs portray a lot of physical connection between couples and that is exactly where you would want to start as a photographer.

5. Walking and action shots

Couple photography comes together when they are in action. As a professional photographer, you can allow your clients to start moving around in different settings as you capture nice shots of each moment.

This can be done both indoors and outdoors but outdoors gives it more beauty and uniqueness. The couple can have a walk towards the camera or away from the camera as you take shots.

Having them hold hands while walking is an excellent way to create that physical connection and communicate closeness. There are so many options to explore with this pose.

6. Foreheads together

They are lovers and what better way to capture all that emotion if not having a portrait of them with their foreheads locked together? This is a classic wedding pose that is set to allow the couples to look straight into each other’s eyes. This photo can be taken as a headshot close-up or a full-body photo.

7. Kisses

This is another romantic photoshoot that any couple can take. It is a must and they are all sorts of kisses the couples can choose from. They range from forehead kisses, full kisses, and so on. Another unique one’s the hidden kisses where the couple hides their face behind something, this can be a scarf or hat.

8. Whispering something funny in your significant other's ear

This is a very intimate photo pose that the couple can take, you can ask one of them to tell a joke to the other one or just whisper something and take a photo while they do this. It is a very intimate pose as the couple look absorbed in each other or in whatever is being discussed. The beauty of this pose is that there is no guaranteed reaction hence the photographer must be keen and continuous in his shots, reactions may include; giggling, shock, smiling, etc.

9. Cutest couple pose: Dancing together

Dancing is not everyone's cup of tea and this is exactly why it is perfect as a couple poses as it offers something out of the box. The awkward situation leads to a comical escape that helps ease the tension. Once the mood is lifted it makes it easier to get some really good shots as there is an intimate atmosphere that has been created meaning not only the moment is being captured but the emotion in that moment.

10. Umbrella kisses in the rain

This is one of the most romantic couple poses with the rain creating a magical effect. This pose however requires special camera equipment to avoid destruction from the rain. The most common umbrella choice being colorless or bold colors like yellow. One can create a blurred foreground by covering the camera lens with the umbrella or creating a blurred background to focus on the couple.

11. Piggyback ride

As childish as this sounds it creates a contrary effect, the couple can take turns carrying each other. As previously stated, it sounds childish but it is a great way to loosen up by letting out our inner child with a significant other. They are bound to laugh and even run around being at ease in front of your camera. Some photographers also use it as a warm-up pose to lighten the mood.

12. Embracing or kissing in an intimate environment

A home environment creates a variety of posing options as not only is it still a fun experience but the atmosphere it has is relaxing to the models. The best photos are those that the models are comfortable with. What better way is there to portray their family other than through elements of their home e. g a pet, stuffed toy and you can even ask them to hold hands or hug.

13. Picking each other up

Much like the piggyback riding, this may sound silly but you can ask the couple to take turns holding each other up. Just as in a relationship people always have each other's back and there is absolute trust in the significant other in this pose. The models have trust in their partner not to drop them and this pose allows them to be silly in front of the camera.

14. Lie next to each other on a mat or a bed

This works best when it comes to aerial portrait photography and a drone although best suited for this can be substituted by a camera. It is a bit tricky as while using the ladder or wide-angle lens one needs to be careful not to trip over or step on the models. The best approach is for the models to look at each other or the camera, a sideways profile portrays disinterest.

15. Doing silly acts

This photography involves the comical and exciting side of the couple, this is a guaranteed pose to make them laugh and enjoy the shoot even more. You can ask the couple to make silly and ugly faces, which I can guarantee will make them laugh and this is when you take the photographs.

16. Romantic couple setting 

Arranging a studio for your photoshoot project offers an unlimited source of ideas as the props could be things that are easily accessible such as lamps, fairy lights. Here simple props can go a long way in setting a romantic atmosphere. The intimacy of the setting enables the models to focus on themselves, ignoring the camera, thus offering many possibilities.

17. Engage in an activity they both love

Taking photographs of a couple while they are busy is a good way of producing authentic portraits. Give them an activity that they both love doing together during your couple photoshoot. An activity like this is bound to get them so engrossed and lost to the real world that you can take cute photos of them.

18. Kissing someone's hand

Contrary to major belief, kissing one's hand is a very intimate gesture as it symbolizes admiration, respect, and love. This can work as a solitary pose depending on the location e. g a café setting this gesture looks very intimate. Other than that, it can be used together with other poses e.g., while walking and even while hugging.

19. Feed each other

This is a great idea and especially in public areas e.g., in a carnival or amusement parks, the major activity going on the outside makes it more special. It offers the idea of peace and love even in the middle of a chaotic situation. However, they should be very keen about the food used in the poses as it shouldn’t be something that can cause a mess resulting in awkward photos but things such as fruits are better suited.

20. Blanket snuggles

This seems to be a very popular pose, especially for winter and autumn couple photoshoots. The couple may face each other with foreheads touching or they may lean on each other while snuggling a blanket. The key issue in this photoshoot has to be the color scheme as the outfits plus the blanket should not be too vibrant but rather complement everything.

The most important thing to consider when taking up couple of photography gigs is who they are. Delve more into their lives and know what best to showcase to make their life story worthwhile. Spend some time practicing great poses, but don't force the wrong pose on the wrong client. Have fun, talk with the couples, and work out what sort of images will work for everyone.

If you want to learn more and get a good idea of what to do, then you better start trying and I can assure you that in no time the photos will be award-worthy.

21. Boidur pose

It`s a very popular and sensual cople pose that can be done in many different ways. You can do it with your partner or alone, depending on your comfort level. Boidur photo is a great way to show off your curves and get close to your partner. There are many different ways to do this pose, so make sure to experiment until you find the perfect one for you.

How to Pose a Couple

We found a video for you on how to pose a couple!In this video, it shows you how to posing a couples for your photos.You will learn how to make the couple look natural in their photos, and how to make them feel comfortable while posing.We hope you enjoy this video!