Photography Tips

This is what we do.

Today, photography is more accessible to everyone. Photography equipment has been made affordable and the internet provides a plethora of information on how you can take your photography from good to great! I believe that most of this frustration comes from learning about all these choices in photography gear which leads many beginners not knowing what's essential or needed for them when they start out.

My goal with my blog post was just that. 

To simplify the process by providing only quality resources so people learn photography quickly while still having fun doing it :)

Today, we live in an era where technology allows us access to other worlds through different mediums such as social media and video games - but there's something special about capturing moments on film (pun intended). From our childhood family vacations to documenting our first kiss, photography is a powerful way to capture and share memories with friends and family.

But photography can be more than just a hobby, it can be a passion. You can use photography to tell stories, to make art, or simply document your life. And like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. However, photography can be extraordinarily frustrating when you start out and there is so much to learn!

I'm here to simplify the process of learning photography for beginners by providing a list of resources that I think are essential and high-quality, so people learn photography quickly while still having fun doing it :)