A complete review of Samsung SJ55W

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

Samsung was always a big name in the monitor industry and we can't miss mentioning a few other SAMSUNG monitors that we've been personally using. Their products are always top-notch, usually reliable, and cost-effective as well. Since one of Panasonic's latest releases is an impressive 42Inch 4K monitor at a great price, we are very interested to see how this 34 Inch SJ55W will compare as it also supports 4K resolution input along with being a 2560 x 1440 display.

Main characteristics

Samsung sj55w has a large 2560 x 1440 resolution widescreen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which will give you more space for your work. Its design is quite minimalistic so unless you are an extremely detailed-oriented person it won't occupy too much of your desk area. The monitor has a special protective coating that resists most external influences, making sure that no scratches or fingerprints stay on the screen for too long.

Its viewing angles are said to be 178 degrees both horizontal and vertical, further increasing its value by allowing multiple people to look at the monitor without affecting their experience in any way through distorted images in case they're not looking directly at it. You can also enjoy up to 1 billion colors and its brightness equals 300 cd/m² meaning that the images are vivid and clear.


As for its connectivity, it has two 2W built-in speakers that provide excellent quality of sound. Just like other similar products, this one also comes with a few ports (VGA & DVI) as well as an HDMI port to connect your game console or another compatible device. It has a fully adjustable stand to make your work even more efficient by letting you choose the most optimal screen position. Moreover, the Samsung sj55w is a monitor that's easy to set up since you won't need any special tools to do so.


Although many of us like minimalistic design and appreciate it very much, we can't deny that product looks rather dull and boring. If you would like, you can access its OSD menu by using the buttons on its back.

Its energy consumption equals an average of 15W which is almost half compared to older models such as Samsung S27A950. This particular monitor has a dynamic contrast ratio of 3 million:1 and thanks to its superior pixel structure (Super-PVA) we get to experience more vivid images with deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Samsung sj55w has a matte non-reflective screen that further enhances your visual comfort while reducing eye strain too. You don't have to worry about leaving annoying fingerprints all over the monitor since the SuperClear Pro technology protects it from any dust particles.

The width of this monitor is 12.8 inches (32.5 cm), its height is 21.1 inches (53.6cm), and its depth is 3.2 inches (8 cm) with a stand, making it one of the smallest 34 inches 4K monitors on the market today.

Samsung sj55w comes in two colors, black/gold & silver/black, weighing just 9 lbs including its base. Samsung's monitor can be used for both your work or entertainment needs since it has comfortable viewing angles that are also 178 degrees horizontal and vertical allowing you to enjoy high-quality images from any position without affecting your eyesight at all!

Image quality

Samsung sj55w monitor uses the SVA (Super Vertical Alignment) pixel structure thus offering a superior pixel quality. This means that text is much more readable, which in turn improves your work productivity no matter what you are doing. The monitor has a superb image quality that's great for watching movies or playing games, but also increases your comfort when working on it since you get to see more clearly everything that's on its screen.

Pixel density for this monitor is 91 pixels-per-inch (PPI), which ensures that images are sharp and very crisp. By using an IPS panel, it offers superior color reproduction over one that's VA or TN by far, making sure that the colors are clear even if you are viewing them from odd angles.

Samsung sj55w has a contrast ratio of 3 million:1 which is currently the best contrast ratio ever for computer monitors since it provides more realistic images with deeper blacks and brighter whites. Moreover, black shades look deeper while white ones appear much brighter though both dark & bright shades maintain their natural looks without degrading in quality at all.

Note : Contrast Ratio = 1 000 : 1 , Dynamic Contrast Ratio = 3 000 000 : 1


Colors are displayed with a bit depth of 8 bits, meaning that this monitor can reproduce just over 16.7 million different colors which is great for watching all your favorite movies or playing video games. The color temperature of 6 500 K is close to optimal & advocated by many professional gamers.

  • The aspect ratio is 4:3 
  • Resolution = 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz 
  • Brightness = 250 cd/m²
  • Pixel pitch 0.272 mm 
  • Curvature radius 700 R

How rich are the colors? Samsung sj55w monitor offers not only an extensive color palette but also lets you modify them to your liking or to match your task. Additionally, it offers a picture-in-picture option between its two inputs which can be of great help if you do multiple tasks requiring different devices connected at once.

Tilt & Swivel angles are limited with -2°/+20° whereas height adjustment is a little more generous with +/- 90 mm.


Samsung sj55w monitor has all the ingredients for a truly productive computer monitor - high resolution, accurate colors, sharp text, amazing contrast ratio, and excellent viewing angles. Thanks to its innovative PLS panel technology, colors are displayed with great accuracy plus their saturation levels are significantly increased thus making your images more vibrant.

Viewing angles of 178 degrees horizontal & vertical offers superior color reproduction no matter what you are doing on your computer since it allows you to enjoy high-quality images from any position without affecting your eyesight at all! The image quality of this monitor is simply phenomenal thanks to its superb pixel density that ensures that pixels are not visible even if viewed from close distances.

Samsung sj55w has a real resolution of 4K which is four times higher than Full HD, thus allowing you to enjoy very sharp images on its screen. On-screen texts are readable at small font sizes thanks to this monitor's high pixel density, which makes it great for working on very small texts since they remain crisp & perfectly readable at all times.

When compared to other similar products, the monitor has a faster response time of 5 MS which results in sharper images. This means that any motion is much more fluent and realistic without any annoying blurs or ghosting at all. One of the most important features for gaming purposes is these monitors support AMD FreeSync technology so the image won't tear or stutter when playing games.

Samsung sj55w monitor has one of the best input lag performances. Response time is also quite low which will definitely please any gamer since it guarantees very clear motion scenes with no blurs or ghostings.

Additional features

This monitor has a wide range of connectivity options, including one Display port & two HDMI ports so you can connect multiple devices at the same time while still being able to enjoy their content on its screen. Additionally, there are built-in speakers for enjoying some music or watching some videos without any additional hardware needed.

Samsung sj55w monitor is perfect for viewing movies with premiere pro also because it covers 99% of Adobe RGB color space which is wider than the common 95% coverage that most monitors usually have. This guarantees that colors appear uniform & accurate thus making critical photo editing much easier on this computer monitor.

Productivity features that come with Samsung sj55w are Magic Eco Saving Plus Eye Saver Mode that reduces the brightness by 25% in order to reduce eyestrain allowing you to work & play for longer periods without feeling any eye fatigue whatsoever! Additionally, there is Flicker-Free technology that further reduces eye strain so you can keep being productive for as long as possible.

Samsung sj55w monitor has an energy-saving Eco Saving Plus function that reduces power consumption by up to 10% without affecting brightness or contrast, which is great for reducing electricity cost & being environmentally friendly at the same time. To further increase its eco-credentials, this monitor also supports both low blue light plus mercury-free technologies making it safe for your health as well as more friendly towards our planet.

Is it good for daily stuff?

Samsung sj55w isn't only great for playing games, but also for other multimedia-related activities like watching movies thanks to its high resolution, excellent viewing angles, and fast response time (5 ms). If black shades are too dark for you though you can easily fix this by adjusting brightness levels, contrast or gamma via the monitor's OSD.

When playing games you can adjust the color saturation in order to have more vibrant images or if you are watching movies/videos you can activate the Cinema filter so the colors will seem warmer & more natural.

Minimum Viewing Distance = 1 m, Maximum Viewing Distance = 8 m

Is it good for professional usage?

Samsung sj55w monitor is the perfect choice for working on texts whether you are editing, writing or even reading. Additionally, it has a high resolution which ensures very sharp & detailed images thus making your life easier if you need to edit photos, graphics & print content for example.

For web designing purposes, this monitor's sharpness, high resolution, and color reproduction definitely make it a great choice so you can create websites & digital designs with accurate colors.

Anyone making photo edits will benefit greatly from having a Samsung sj55w display. Viewing angles are also very good which means that even if you edit photos, work on graphics or do other tasks requiring highly accurate colors you won't be disappointed by the results.

Finally, for programming this monitor has a completely customizable OSD, allowing you to tailor it according to your preferences.

How is it for gaming?

Thanks to its high resolution, fast response time (5 ms), and excellent viewing angles Samsung sj55w monitor delivers one of the best performances out there when used for playing games. Additionally, the fact that it supports both FreeSync plus Flicker-Free technologies once again proves that it's perfect even for those who value their health & comfort above all else.

Samsung sj55w doesn't disappoint thanks to not only high resolution but also high refresh rate (60 Hz). Thanks to this computer monitor gamers can enjoy fluid motion scenes without any stuttering or blurring so the experience will definitely be enhanced by this monitor's performance.

Is it good in terms of ergonomics?

Samsung sj55w display offers extensive adjustability options including 130 mm height adjustment range and -/+ 40° swivel/tilt angles. This way you can always find a comfortable viewing position no matter your desk size or seating preferences.

Final verdict: should you buy this monitor?

Samsung sj55w monitor is great for those who want to feel comfortable even after hours of work and play. Thanks to its advanced technology you can expect excellent color reproduction, high resolution, and sharpness of the images. It also features a 5 ms response time so moving objects are rendered smoothly without any ghosting or blurring effects.

The only downside to this computer display is the limited viewing angles when compared with IPS/VA monitors but since they are very high in general it will be hard for anyone to notice any quality difference when using Samsung sj55w.

Furthermore, it's got Flicker-Free technology which means that your eyes will experience less strain while working on this monitor thus reducing fatigue for longer periods of time.