Yi 4k Action Camera Review

VD August 08 2021

When sports enthusiasts start looking for an action camera to shoot quality 4K video at 30 fps, the first brand that comes to their minds is GoPro. That’s right, GoPro is a famous and reliable brand. But did you know there is another action camera that is very affordable yet gives you the same or even better quality than GoPro? If no, then you are in for a surprise!

Yi vs. GoPro is a battle of two heavyweights in the same niche. But recently, Yi, backed by Xiaomi, has taken GoPro head-on by giving the same specs and features in the Yi 4K action camera in half the price of GoPro Hero 5.

Let’s take a deeper dive to see what Yi is offering.

Yi 4K Action Camera Review

Yi 4K was launched to tackle GoPro Hero 4, but even if it is compared with the latest model of GoPro Hero5 spec to spec, the Yi 4K will still have significant advantages over GoPro. For example, Yi has a larger touch screen, is only 95 g in weight, 22 g lighter, has a heavy-duty battery, and last but not least, it is much cheaper.

The camera has a 2.9-inch touchscreen panel to give you a better experience and make the navigation smoother. Most of the features in the Yi camera can be controlled by a single button to make it easy. It has a built-in wi-fi to connect with Yi apps and multiple video resolutions up to 4K that you can choose to your liking.

The camera comes with a wide-angle fixed lens and a quick f/2.8 aperture. Yi offers everything that other expensive cameras do: taking photos while recording a video, creating time-lapses, shooting slo-mo and loop videos all in 4K. You name the feature, Yi has it all. The default settings can save you a lot of time and meet your needs most of the time, but you can customize the settings if you want to shoot the video your way.

The Yi 4K Action Camera is not just up to the mark in the specifications, but it has a very aesthetic appearance. The matchbox-sized Yi has a very compact and sleek build. The camera comes in three colors: white, rose gold, and matte black. The camera is a complete package of value and elegance that any outdoor enthusiast will appreciate

SD cards and other accessories like bags and protection covers can be purchased online.  


Yi 4K action camera has no doubt proven its worth against GoPro.  The camera looks very sleek and provides advanced functions and features. Yi 4K Action camera is a combination of elegance and power. It offers lots of value to its users.


Does the Yi 4K camera have a waterproof rating?

The Yi 4K camera comes with a waterproof case that enables it to resist water up to 132 ft underwater. The camera also has an anti-fog coating that protects it from humidity in low temperatures and high humidity.

Is 4K better than 1080?

1080P has 1920 x 1080 pixels while 4K has 3840 x 2160, so 4K has better resolution suitable for the most of screen sizes.