Things caught on google maps

Susan Fernandez December 12 2021

Google maps service - what is it?

Google maps service doesn't show real images, but they let you see 3D models of the objects like buildings and houses there. Some time ago Google introduced Street View - this feature allows us to view panoramas from different points of view around the world.

But what is totally incredible, that there are thousands caught on Google Maps photos! What's interesting - many of them look like creatures living inside Google Earth and Maps!

Even if it sounds funny, in fact, these creatures have a good chance to exist in reality! The photos were taken by people who live nearby or who just walk in a street when a creature appears near them. These people have no idea that they've been caught on google map camera system and saw something strange with their own eyes!

What you can find on Google maps?

There are many unbelievable or mysterious things that have been caught on camera while people were using the Google Maps service.

Fantastic beasts

For example, in 2014 a Google Street View car captured a 'sea monster' swimming in a Scottish loch. The 6-foot long beast was spotted near the banks of Loch Ness - one of the most famous locations for sightings of the legendary creature.

Two years earlier, in 2012, another strange creature was photographed by a Google Street View car in Indonesia. This time it was a giant snake, measuring an amazing 12 feet long!

In 2011, a dragon was snapped flying over a park in China by a Google Street View car. The mythical creature was seen soaring above trees and buildings with its wings spread out wide.

In 2010, employees of a Texas zoo were baffled when they looked at photos taken by a Google Street View car of one of their lions. The images showed the animal apparently floating in mid-air with no visible support - experts dismissed suggestions that there was some kind of trickery involved.

In 2008, a dinosaur-like beast was photographed on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. A man who took pictures from his garden using Google Maps camera found a mysterious creature deep in the jungle that appears to be dark brown with sharp teeth and a long tail.

The bizarre discovery caused much excitement among believers in alien life forms.

Alien signs

In 2012, the world was set alight by claims that Google Earth had captured an 'alien base' on Antarctica. The images show a pyramid-shaped structure appearing to rise from the snowy landscape near the American Ellsworth Mountains.

The astonishing find was shared with YouTube users via video platform and soon went viral around the world. But it later emerged that the so-called pyramid was in fact just a mountain range - although no one can say for sure what lies on top of it.

In 2013, UFO hunters claimed they'd found a spacecraft hidden in the remote jungle north of capital city Rondonia, Brazil. The strange object appears to have four lights or windows beneath its central ridge. The find was made after a Google Earth user spotted the odd object in aerial images of the jungle, and soon sparked speculation that it could be an alien spacecraft.

But again, closer inspection revealed that it was nothing more than a natural feature of the landscape - most likely a hill or mountain.

One of the most famous signs - Atakama giant - was taken near the Atacama desert in Chile. It shows a humanoid being with long arms and legs, wearing some kind of helmet or mask over its head. The original photo has been examined by experts who believe it could be genuine - although they can't explain what it is exactly.


Apart from creatures and objects, there is much evidence of UFOs' existence caught on google maps online photos!

In November 2014, UFO enthusiasts claimed to have found a 'mothership' orbiting the sun. The strange object was photographed by an amateur astronomer using Google Sky - a feature that allows users to explore space using satellite imagery. The object, which appears as a large, round 'craft', was said to be unlike anything captured on Google's imaging software before.

At first, it might seem like just another bizarre image captured on Google Maps service - but closer inspection reveals that the photo actually contains a UFO. The white spherical object is seen near Linfen City in China's Shanxi Province. It appears to be slightly transparent and doesn't cast any shadows, leading some people to believe it is something out of this world.

UFO hunters insist satellite footage proves 'there are large UFOs haunting our skies', with some claiming the original uploader even reported seeing aliens near their home before In 2012, a strange cigar-shaped object was photographed over Yorkshire in England. UFO hunters claimed that this is a 'smoking gun' which proves that aliens have been visiting our planet for years!

The discovery was received with confusion by many experts. They pointed out the mysterious shape could easily be a cloud, or even an insect flying past the camera lens.

In 2011, an elongated tube-like structure appeared to be floating above the city of San Francisco in California. The bizarre image soon went viral among conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts who insisted it proved the existence of alien life forms.

Things that one can`t explain

The vague human-like shape underwater in lake Baikal, Russia. It looks like a person with wings or something of this sort. This is not photoshopped since you can see all kinds of fish around it, which proves that there is no camera tampering here. What do you think about this weird thing caught on Google maps photo? Aliens, cryptozoology, ufo, etc? Or just some clever Artificial Intelligence prank. 

 And here's another interesting find - check out what appears to be an alien's head near the Nazca lines in Peru . This image was taken by Google Earth on January 20, 2015, and shows what might look like a bald alien head with massive black eyes.

On June 3, 2014, Google Earth satellite photographed an odd cloud formation in India. It was thought to look like the 'Flying Spaghetti Monster' - a humorous and satirical deity featured in pastiche religious texts.

"Stained Glass" Structures in the Utah Desert - these strange, window-like shapes were photographed in the Utah Desert by Google Earth. Some people believe they are evidence of extra-terrestrial activity, while others suggest they could be man-made structures (perhaps from a secret military base?).

A giant guitar is another phenomenon captured on Google maps service. The unusual shape appeared in a mountainous area of China and it immediately reminded people of the iconic instrument. Many believed that the guitar-shaped object could be a sign from extraterrestrial beings who want to contact us for some reason. But, according to experts, this is actually a geological phenomenon known as 'cuestas'. Cuestas are long ridges or piles of rock with a gentle slope on either side. It's thought that this one was most likely shaped by glaciers during the ice ages.

Another strange find caught on google maps - a person sitting down in an empty lot in Kansas City, United States It looks like he has something in his hands but we can't tell what it is since the image is from such a far distance. This person's sitting position and choice of clothing made him look like a mysterious figure from the movie "The Ring".

A giant pink rabbit was spotted in Hokkaido, Japan - this big bunny was seen hopping around in a field near the town of Nayoro. It's not clear why or how it got there, but it's certainly an unusual sight!

In 2013, this spooky image appeared on Google maps online near the small town of Rosslyn in Virginia. It showed what looked like a human skull lying on the ground next to a tree. Many people believed that the skull was evidence of a murder or some other dark crime. However, experts soon debunked this theory and claimed that it's actually a prop from one of the filming sets for the 2012 movie "The Apparition" starring Patrick Wilson and Cecile de France.

Portrait of Google maps

There are also strange faces captured on google maps. One of them is located in Canada's Badlands, in Saskatchewan. Resembling an ancient carving over a cave in Europe, the mammoth face lies just south of Elbow Lake.

The stone formation looks somewhat like a natural phenomenon - but locals claim that is actually the abandoned dream of homesteaders who wanted to convert the badlands into farmland.   Whatever it is - alien or human-made - you have to admit it's pretty weird!

Another face has been photographed by Google Earth in China's Gansu Province. This one resembles an African tribal mask and was noted by many bloggers online as soon as it became visible via satellite imagery. The giant carved face appears among mountains and shrubs, making it the perfect place for a secret civilization to hide.

The face can be found near an airstrip in Jingchang, which was built to facilitate the transport of mining equipment by road and railway. The placement does not seem to make much sense, however - so could there actually be more than meets the eye?

Crop Circles!

And here's another interesting find - check out what appears to be an alien's head near the Nazca lines in Peru. This image was taken by Google Earth on January 20, 2015, and shows what might look like a bald alien head with massive black eyes.

A perfectly round dark patch is seen above Sri Lanka and some people believed it to be the presence of something most unusual hanging above the island nation. Others suggested it could be smoke from forest fires or even a different kind of cloud formation.

Strange and funny photos on Google maps

Pigeon people of Japan - this is something strange about the natives of Japan. On Google Maps service, one can find many strange things! Pigeon people are living in Japan, they are real! Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction... at least on google maps.

Catfish ecosystem in Africa - there's more to this ecosystem than just catfish. The beautiful and amazing Catfish ecosystem in Africa is more than just a home to catfish! It is a complex and diverse system that is worth exploring. So take a look at Google Earth and you will be able to see it for yourself.

Are all those photos real?

The photos must be real. The two mysterious pink rabbits, spooky skull, and face formations are the products of Mother Nature's imagination after all! We can't say with certainty what alien or weird things might be living under the rock formation below Sri Lanka, but no evidence exists to support claims that it is anything more than a natural stone formation.

Scientists are constantly using Google maps service to study our world, and we can expect many more amazing and strange discoveries in the future! So keep your eyes open for anything unusual when you're looking at Google Earth!

A selection of google maps photos

We have found a video for you where you can see even more strange,mystical and funny photos taken by the google maps service.


Google maps is a great way to explore our world and discover new and amazing things about it. You never know what you might find when you take a look! So keep your eyes open and enjoy the journey!