Pictures to recreate with your best friend

Susan Fernandez May 05 2022

A photoshoot with friends is a great way to capture memories and have fun at the same time. To get the most out of your session, try to recreate some classic photos with your best friend. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

How to prepare for the photoshoot with your bestie?

Before you start snapping away, there are a few things you should do to prepare for the photoshoot. First, decide on a location. A scenic spot with good lighting is always ideal. Once you've found the perfect spot, it's time to get your poses ready.


Prepare clothes that you feel great in and that complement each other. If you're unsure of what to wear, try matching colors or patterns.


If you want to add a little extra something to your photos, bring along some props. These could be anything from sunglasses and umbrellas to balloons and signs.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to posing for photos with your best friend. Get creative and have fun with it!


If you want to look your best in photos, consider wearing a little makeup. Foundation, mascara, and lipstick are all great options.


Some great options for photoshoot locations include local parks, beaches, gardens, and city streets. It must be a place that has good lighting and is comfortable for you both.


Also, quite an important aspect of photoshoots is lighting. If you want to take pictures during the day, try to find a spot that's in the shade. This will help avoid squinting and harsh shadows. If you're taking pictures at night, use artificial lightings such as lamps or fairy lights.

A photographer:

One of the most vital aspects of a photoshoot is the photographer. If you don't have experience taking pictures, it's best to hire a professional to capture your special moments with your best friend.

After you've created your perfect setup, it's time to start taking photos! As long as you have a willing friend by your side, the possibilities are endless. So go ahead and get ready to capture some timeless memories with your best friend.

Once you've done all of this, you'll be ready to head out into the world with your friend and snap some amazing shots! So go ahead, grab your camera or phone and get creative with your poses. The possibilities are endless when it comes to pictures with friends!

Pictures to recreate with your best friend

  • The "Girlfriends" Pose

This pose is a classic that you can't go wrong with. Grab your bestie and pose with arms around each other, gazing into the camera with big smiles on your faces.

  • The "Jump for Joy" Pose

Who doesn't love a good jumping shot? Jumping is the perfect way to capture energy and fun in a photo. Have your friend stand slightly in front of you, then jump up and try to catch them in the air!

  • Poses While Walking

If you're looking for something more casual, grab your best friend and start walking down a street or through an open field. You can take photos while walking side-by-side or even hold hands as you walk together!

  • The "Hugging it Out" Pose

For a sweet and intimate photo, try the hugging pose. Have your friend stand behind you and wrap their arms around you. You can even rest your head back against their chest for an extra cute shot!

  • The "Laughing Out Loud" Pose

Nothing captures the joy of friendship quite like laughter. Get your bestie to tickle you or tell a hilarious joke to get genuine laughs in your photo!

  • The "Silly Faces" Pose

This is another classic pose that's perfect for friends. Make silly faces at each other or pull funny expressions and snap away!

  • The "Twinning" Pose

For this pose, match your outfits as closely as possible and strike the same pose. Whether you're wearing the same color outfits or coordinating patterns, this pose is great for creating a fun and cohesive look.

  • The "Dreamy Duo" Pose

This pose is perfect if you and your friend want to create a dreamy and romantic vibe in your photos. Sit next to each other and gaze off into the distance with longing looks on your faces.

  • The "Close-Up" Pose

Sometimes all it takes is a close-up shot of your bestie's face to capture how much they mean to you. Get up close and personal for an intimate shot that will tug at your heartstrings!

  • The "Balancing Act" Pose

To capture the joyful chaos of friendship, try a balancing pose. Grab your friend and see who can balance on one leg the longest! You can even snap some photos mid-fall for an extra hilarious shot.​

What about some creative poses?

You and your friend want to be in the photo? no problem! Take advantage of a tripod or selfie stick and use the timer to get everyone in the frame.

  • The "Two-Person Selfie" Pose

This is a classic pose for any group of friends, but it's especially perfect for besties. Get close to your friend and snap a selfie with both of you in the frame.

  • The "Groufie" Pose

For a fun group photo, try the groufie pose! Get your whole squad together and make sure everyone's in the frame before snapping away. All you need to do is stick your arms out and group hug!

  • The "Tower of Friends" Pose

This pose is perfect if you want to show off how tall your best friend is! Have them stand on their tip-toes while you snap a photo from below. They can even put their arms in the air for an extra fun shot!

  • The "Back-to-Back" Pose

For this pose, stand back-to-back with your friend and lean your heads in close. This is a great way to show off your friends without having to be in the same frame as each other.

  • The "Beach" Pose

During the vacation, don't forget to get a photo of you and your friend in front of the beautiful beach scenery! This will be a perfect addition to your album. Find the sea, sand, and sun for a fun and memorable shot!

  • The "Record Player" Pose

If you take your friend to the concert or music festival, don't miss a chance to get a picture of you with them in front of the stage. They can recreate some classic record player poses with their hands on the types of vinyl like holding each other up or dancing together in ecstasy!

  • The "Sleepover" Pose

This is another great pose to capture all aspects of friendship – including sleepovers! Get as close as possible while still being comfortable, then gaze deeply into each other's eyes and smile. This is a must-have photo if you want to remember your wild nights together!

  • The "Walking" Pose

This pose is perfect if you want to show off the unique personality of your friend! Just get close enough so their head almost touches yours and snap away. You can even do some silly expressions while walking to add a little extra humor.

  • The "Weekend Outing" Pose

Are you and your friend planning a weekend outing? If yes, don't forget to take a photo of the two of you enjoying your time together with all the activities that you are going through during your trip. Make sure it's something memorable and special as well!

  • The "Quick Chat" Pose

Friends always have a quick chat every now and then no matter what they're doing. It can be anything from talking about their day to the latest gossip. If you want to capture this moment, all you need to do is get close enough so that both of your faces are in the frame and start talking!

True male poses

You, guys, want to get in the picture too, right? Here are some pictures to recreate for real friends (for girls it may be a funny option as well):

  • The relax vibe

This is the most basic one but it is also the most popular. You can simply put your arm around your friend's shoulder while both of you are looking in different directions or at the camera. It gives off a carefree and relaxed vibe, which is perfect for any friendship.

  • 'Cool guys'

You and your friend can pretend to be hardcore rappers or just act like you're way too cool for school. Whatever you do, make sure you keep a straight face and look as cool as possible.

  • In the car

Guys can be seen in their cars a lot and it looks like they are having the time of life! If you want to recreate this shot, find an old car that is parked somewhere. You can even take your friend's car if he doesn't mind or buy a convertible for yourselves. The point is, you need to sit together in the front seat and look cool.

  • In the street

Yet another classic photo for any friendship- with one of you laying down on the ground and looking up at your friend who stands right above him/her. It may seem silly but it looks very cool once it's done. This pose will also make people think you have no worries despite all the problems you're facing every day. Cool, right?

  • Casual talk

You and your friend can just casually stand next to each other and talk about various subjects. If you want, you can look at the camera as well but it's not necessary. The point is that your interaction should look natural and effortless, just like real friends would do!

  • Pub chill

As a real friend, you can always find some time to chill at the local pub and just have a good time. If you want to recreate this shot, both of you should sit by the table while holding your drinks – whatever they may be.

  • On holiday

If you're lucky enough to go on vacation together and take pictures, then why not do it like real friends? Find a nice beach somewhere or take a boat out to sea and pose for a photo together! The point is that the image should look relaxed, carefree, and full of fun. True male poses with their best friends don't have to be serious all the time!

  • Your fitness journey

In case you and your friend are both into fitness and working out, then you can definitely recreate this shot. It's perfect for showing off your progress and how much you've achieved together! Just make sure to take a picture after a good workout session so that you're both sweaty and tired – it will make the photo look even more authentic.

  • High five

This pose is the one for real friends who are always there for each other. To recreate it, you should simply raise your hands and slap them (forcefully) against each other! It will look super cool, don't worry.

  • At a party

Finally, if you're out on the town together and having a good time, then why not take a picture of this moment? This photo of male poses with their best friends can be taken when drinking or just to celebrate something – whatever feels right at that particular moment in time. Just make sure you both look stylish and happy!

Looking for true male poses with your best friend? Look no further than our list! Whether you want to relax and hang out in the car or show off your progress at the gym, we've got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Go out and take some pictures with your best friend today!

Tips on how to make your photoshoot better

  1. Choose a location that means something to you both: Whether it's your favorite pub, the street you grew up on, or the beach where you first met, choosing a location with meaning will add an extra layer of significance to your photos.
  2. Time your shots right: If you want to recreate a particular moment or pose, make sure you time your shots right! This means waiting for the perfect lighting conditions, getting the angle just right, and making sure both of you are in sync.
  3. Be natural: One of the key things to remember when taking pictures with your best friend is to be natural. This means avoiding forced smiles and stiff poses – instead, let your friendship shine through in your photos. Additionally, try to make the photoshoot fun so that you and your friend can relax and have a good time.
  4. Hire a professional photographer: If you're not sure how to take high-quality photos on your own, it might be worth hiring a professional photographer to help with your photoshoot. This will ensure that every shot is perfectly composed and lit – making it easy for you to create lasting memories with your best friend!​
  5. Choose a specific theme: Choosing a theme for your photo shoot can be a great way to get creative and have fun with your photos. Some great ideas include dressing up, recreating famous scenes from your favorite movies or TV shows, or just going out on an adventure together! Just make sure you agree on what kind of shots to take beforehand so that everyone involved is happy with the final result.​