Newborn Photography: Ideas and Tips

VD July 07 2021

Everyone loves cute baby photos. The amount of cuteness and innocence in newborn photography all summed up in a single image is truly remarkable. But only a professional photographer can tell the real effort behind any cute baby picture.

According to global reports and surveys, babies take the most amount of work among human subjects. That’s why infant photoshoot isn’t an easy job, as babies don’t act like adults, making it hard for the photographer to communicate and collaborate with them.

You can’t tell babies to look at the camera, you can’t keep them up in a single pose, you can’t predict their moods, and you also can’t even expect their cute little nap breaks, which makes your work even harder. However, there are ways to help you out when it comes to newborn photography.

All babies have their own individual and signature characteristics. These ideas and tips will be a great help in your next newborn baby photoshoot.

Best Ideas and Tips for Newborn Photography

Select cute outfits

Nothing matches a cute baby better than a stylish outfit. Especially when we are talking about newborn photoshoot, always try to select unique and eye-catching outfits to wear for the baby. This will help maintain the overall luminance dynamics and highlight the mood of the baby.

When selecting the right outfit, it is also important to keep the baby in good spirits and mood throughout the photoshoot. With babies, there is a single rule of work. As long as the baby is comfy in their clothes, you can peacefully work with them without any mood swings.

Use the natural light

A professional photographer already knows the importance of natural light. Utilizing the natural luminance up to a maximum level is a good idea when working with babies. As at this age level, camera flashes can irritate.

Besides, babies have spherical-shaped heads. This means that to complete a newborn baby's photoshoot, you need to keep their heads tilted at an angle of 45 degrees with the natural light. This will help in promoting their natural features more effortlessly.

Always lay them down

Babies are delicate creatures. They aren’t like adults. That’s why newborn photography is the most challenging photography job. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do. Just use the right set of techniques, and you will ace it.

Any photographer can prove it: Babies cannot stay in a single position for a long time because they can get tired or annoyed relatively faster than grown-ups. That’s why laying down the baby while completing the photo shoot is a great idea to get the job done smoothly.

Try to make them laugh

Nothing can be better than a cute smile, right? Mainly when you photograph a cute little smiling baby. Just like an angel sitting in their crib. But keeping that smile there for the right amount of time is the tricky part. Try to focus on this.

There’s one thing that will make your job easier. Babies love to smile. They smile or laugh quite often. But the real task is to capture this smile at the right moment. The option we have is to make sure they keep amused and happy. Do funny faces, get them their favorite toys, do anything but keep them smiling. You will get your priceless photograph.

Never stop shooting

When working with babies, there’s no ‘right moment.’ You never know when the baby is going to smile or cry or roll over. So, the best plan is to keep shooting, but not in an abrupt or unplanned way. 

Let’s say you are babysitting in a crib. Put the baby down in the crib and set their surroundings. Now, you may start taking continuous shots. One will be your champion photograph. It is simple yet one of the most reliable techniques to do newborn photography.

Now is the time to answer some of your commonly asked questions regarding newborn photography and how even a beginner can ace in this domain of photography.

How do I prepare my newborn for newborn pictures?

Photographers have a common saying “There is no right time with a baby.” In other words, there are no definite measures you can take to ensure that your baby will behave just fine during the photoshoot, especially when you’re talking about newborn pictures. However, dressing the babies in cute outfits, making them laugh, and laying them down are some of the most basic techniques for a successful newborn  photography session.

What is the best age for newborn photos?

You can quickly go for the pictures around five to twelve days after the birth for newborn photos. Medically, this is also the right time to get their cute little adorable curly pose photographs. However, you can also take the pictures after two weeks. But the curly poses will be out of the equation after two weeks. So, you must think of some new and cute poses in advance.

What is the best way to take newborn pictures?

With babies, there’s no particular way that can be termed as ‘the best way.’ We already have the idea regarding the unpredictable nature of babies. That’s why to install the setup, grab your lens, and start taking as many photographs as possible.

How old a newborn should be for a photoshoot?

The best time for the baby photo shoot is when the baby is around 5-10 days old. There are also no medical restrictions attached with this age range, and you can get those charming wrapped shots you were thinking about all the time.

What is the best lighting for newborn photography?

Natural lighting is preferable. Luminance also plays a vital role in the overall appearance and exposure of a picture. Babies aren’t adapted to artificial light sources just like us. For this reason, artistically used natural light is the best option you have got.

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Babies are adorable. They are the cutest little things one can imagine to hold in their arms. But these cute little mates can give a hard time. However, there are specific ways. Which are not universally successful yet still impact the newborn babies' photoshoots up to some extent.