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Susan Fernandez December 12 2022

These are the best mirrorless cameras in 2022 based on countless hours of testing by our team of professional photographers and reviewers. Rather than only recommend mirrorless cameras for professional photographers that may be too expensive for enthusiasts, we also include budget mirrorless cameras for beginners that offer the best bang for your buck.

A mirrorless camera is perfect for anyone looking at photography as a hobby. With an electronic viewfinder, high frame rates, and complete AF area coverage, you will be taking great pictures in no time! Let’s take a look at the best mirrorless full-frame cameras available right now. If you are short on time, check out our web store.

Which Sony Mirrorless Camera Should I Get?

Sony a7IV 

The Sony a7III was and continues to be one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market. In 2022, we finally have its successor: the Sony a7IV. The Sony a7IV is one of the most versatile full-frame cameras on the market, and it excels at just about everything. Whether you're shooting landscapes or portraits, this camera will help you get the perfect shot every time.

The new 33MP full-frame sensor is a significant upgrade from the 24MP sensor in the a7III. Images come out extremely detailed, with accurate colors and plenty of room for highlight and shadow recovery. (Sony finally removed the annoying green cast that plagued the a7III.)

If you're a photographer that loves working in low-light conditions, then you'll adore the dynamic range - standard ISO runs from 100-51200 with an extended range of 50-204800. With this camera, there's almost no noise up to 8000 ISO.

For advanced users, the Sony a7IV's autofocus system is highly customizable and can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. For most applications, however, the simple settings will suffice. The a7IV also comes with 10-bit capture for video, 4K video up to 60p, XAVC HS compression option, and a new S-Cinetone color profile. You can also live stream video over USB with this camera.

Fujifilm X-T4 – For Enthusiasts

The Fujifilm X-T4 is a one-of-a-kind camera that will appeal to anyone who values APS-C mirrorless technology. Its unique manual dials hearken back to a retro design, while its modern specs and features provide the latest in photography advancements. The camera body itself is solidly built and feels great in the hand, meaning you won't have to worry about it breaking or feeling flimsy.

Fujifilm cameras have historically had great color handling, and the X-T4 is no exception--especially when it comes to people. JPG images look stunning without any editing, and the video footage is absolutely gorgeous. Raw images are also of excellent quality. While the ISO of the X-T4 isn't much different than that of the X-T3, this really isn't a negative; in fact, no other crop sensor mirrorless camera can compare to either of these Fujifilm cameras when shooting in low light conditions.

The X-T4's AF tracking outperforms the X-T3's, most notably in terms of subject recognition (video mode doesn't include this function). Subject tracking is reliable and works well even in low light. For convenience, there are also eye and face recognition options. However, the biggest improvement from the X-T3 to the X-T4 is that the latter has inbuilt image stabilization (IBIS). IBIS will be a game-changer for handheld shooters and videographers alike the second Fujifilm camera to have IBIS.

If you're into action photography, the 15 fps continuous shooting and huge buffer will be right up your alley - the latter can take almost 100 JPEGs!

Sony a6400

If you're looking for a great mirrorless camera on a budget, the Sony a6400 is our top pick. It might not be the newest model or have all the bells and whistles, but it's definitely a solid performer with amazing image quality. Plus, it gives you access to Sony's huge selection of lenses. And at less than $900, it's definitely a great value for your money.

There are many things we love about Sonys, but a big reason is the autofocus system. The AF on the Sony a6400 is dependable and quick, working great for movies and stills. Plus, with real-time Eye AF, we can easily keep focus on moving objects as they change distance.

With 1080p resolution, you can go up to 120 fps for smooth footage. Or record in slo-mo without switching mode by selecting SQ instead. Lastly, don't forget the full-size HDMI port that makes this camera's perfect vlogging and selfie composition easy with its flip-up screen.

The Sony a6400 is an outstanding APS-C mirrorless camera that costs less than many of its competitors. While it doesn't have in-built image stabilization, and some people might find it too small to use comfortably, it can do almost anything most photographers need.

Sony a7C

With all the features of a Sony a7 III, the new Sony a7C also includes an improved autofocus system that makes it easier than ever to take great photos. The real-time tracking feature recognizes human heads, faces, eyes, and animals so you can focus with ease. Plus, its small size means you can take it anywhere!

The image quality rivals that of the a7 III thanks to they share the same sensor. Additionally, it has burst shooting at up to 10fps and oversampled 4K videos at 30p (including 8-bit S-Log and HLG). One last noteworthy feature is in-body image stabilization, which is key for a camera of this compact stature.

The benefits of this camera are a long battery life per charge (740 shots), a fully articulating LCD screen, and mic and headphone jacks. All considered this would be an excellent travel companion because it is small enough to keep with you while also being versatile for any situation - just like the Sony a7 IV.

So, these are the three best Sony mirrorless cameras on the market. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level model or a professional-grade one, there are great options available from Sony that should suit every budget and skill level. With its amazing image quality, autofocus system, inbuilt image stabilization (IBIS), and more, the X-T4 is an excellent choice for those who want top performance.

The Sony a6400 offers similar features at a lower price point with no sacrifice of quality. And finally, the Sony a7C is perfect for vloggers or anyone who needs a compact but powerful camera that can be taken anywhere. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee you won't regret it!

Do Professionals Use Sony Cameras?

Based on a study, 31% of professional photographers use Nikon as their primary camera brand. 28% and 20%, respectively, said the same for Canon and Sony. In case you’re wondering, Pentax and Olympus make up the rest of the professional camera market.

So yes, professionals do use Sony cameras. In fact, many prefer them for their exceptional image quality and cutting-edge features like in-body image stabilization (IBIS). Plus, they are often lighter than competing models from other brands so they can be easier to transport and set up. This is why you may have seen a lot more wedding and event photographers using Sony mirrorless as their primary gear lately. All these factors come together to make Sony an increasingly popular choice among pros!

To summarize, there's no one "best" mirrorless camera out there – it all depends on your needs and budget. If you want all the bells and whistles, we suggest the Sony a7 IV. It is arguably the most advanced and reliable option right now. If you’re looking for something more affordable but still high-quality, then either the Sony a6400 or the Sony a7C could be right up your alley. No matter which one you choose, you can rest assured knowing that all three of these cameras are powerful tools in the hands of pros!

Now go forth and capture amazing photos and videos with your new Sony mirrorless camera!

good luck!


Sony has a wide variety of mirrorless cameras to choose from, each one offering different features and specifications. The best Sony mirrorless camera for you depends on your needs and budget. If you want top-of-the-line performance, then the Sony a7 IV is an excellent choice. For something more affordable but still high-quality, consider either the Sony a6400 or the Sony a7C. And don't forget that professionals do use these cameras too! With any of these models in your hands, you'll be ready to capture amazing photos and videos with ease.