Acer xg270HU review

Susan Fernandez February 02 2022

What does Acer offer to its clients?

What does Acer offer to their clients is a good question? The best answer I think you can give is what our client needs. If you need something, they will sell it. If you don't need anything in particular and just want a product, let's say a laptop, they will sell one at the cheapest price possible according to quality standards. This is not an exaggeration because we have here an example: Acer xg270HU.

What are Acer xg270HU main features?

This monitor has 27 inches, which is very good for a gaming screen. Each inch means pixel size, so it is best suitable for playing games with the highest possible resolution.

It produces high-quality images thanks to its maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 Pixels at a 144 Hz refresh rate, that's basically 4 times more than what you would get on a 60Hz panel. Thanks to this feature you can enjoy much smoother and more responsive gameplay at your favorite games. It even supports AMD FreeSync technology, allowing users to experience smooth gameplay without tearing or stuttering!

The screen provides stunning image quality thanks to IPS display technology providing wide 178° viewing angles making sure no details are missed regardless of how you sit in front of the monitor!

This monitor is able to produce true 8-bit color providing smoother gradients and clearer subtle details especially in images with large amounts of colors. It has a response time of 1ms gray-to-gray makes this monitor ideal for fast-moving action games where even lag can be detected!

Let`s talk about design

Acer xg270HU has an interesting design. It is a frameless monitor with a low profile black color stand which you can adjust its height, tilt, and swivel. The base is very solid and made out of high-quality plastic while retaining a practical design that allows it to be placed in tight spaces easily.

What connections does this monitor have?

Connections are one of the most important parts of any device nowadays. It has all the basic plugs required for any device from HDMI to DVI connectors. It can be used as a PC monitor or HDTV making it more versatile than other monitors with built-in speakers!

No need for additional speakers when you get everything you need built-in already! This makes this monitor ideal for both professionals and beginners! And what about sound? It has built-in 2x 7W stereo speakers that provide loud and crisp audio for both games and music.

We tested them too! And they sound great! The bass was deep and the highs were crispy (and not distorted). They can also get pretty loud, but if you really want to experience something different we suggest using external speakers or headphones so you can hear all frequencies of your favorite songs.

What else we liked - Acer xg270hu monitor supports VESA wall mount and 100mm x 100mm patterns so it`s easy to adapt this monitor on any setup. - It has a clean design with no sharp edges or corners looking very attractive in any room! - Ergonomically speaking, this monitor is one of a kind with a fully adjustable stand that allows you to pivot, tilt and swivel. You can even adjust its height to your own preferences.

What is VESA compatibility?

VESA mounting system is widely adopted in monitors giving users the option to mount their monitor on walls or any other structures with compatible mounts. The Acer xg270hu monitor can be mounted with 100mm x 100mm patterns which are widely used across many industries making it even more versatile!

What about Acer xg270hu performance?

The input lag is very small which makes it ideal for fast-paced games with quick and responsive gameplay! It has a response time of 1ms gray-to-gray which makes this monitor perfect if you like to play fast-moving action games that require responsiveness and speed.

Ghosting is a common problem when it comes to gaming monitors many people complain that their monitor has ghosting, blurring or trailing of objects which are noticeable in high movement fast-paced games where brightness changes. Fortunately for this monitor, Acer xg270hu is able to reduce the effect greatly with its impressive response time of only 1ms!

It also has 3 overdrive options (standard, extreme, and ultra) which you can switch between depending on your preferences. Each one affects ghosting and blur in different ways!

Image quality for Acer xg270hu

This monitor offers an amazing image quality thanks to its 27in 2560×1440 WQHD display providing crisp and clear visuals with vibrant colors making games look absolutely stunning!

If you are looking for an entry-level 1440p monitor, this one is definitely worth considering. It has a high resolution of 2560×1440 (WQHD) that offers 77% more screen space than standard Full HD 1080p monitors.

To ensure that the picture always looks great no matter what angle you choose to view it from, it comes with IPS technology giving 178° wide viewing angles for both horizontal and vertical views making sure every detail pops out!

Colors always look perfect on IPS monitors because they can produce true 8-bit color depth which allows it to display around 1.07 billion colors! This provides great color reproduction and makes this monitor perfect for:

  • Watching movies
  • Editing photos and videos

It has a pixel density of 109 pixels per inch (PPI) making images look great when magnified. With this resolution, fonts are incredibly sharp and very easy to read. Finally, the color temperature of 6500k means that colors are perfectly calibrated to the D65 standard making it ideal for color-sensitive work.

What is pixel density?

Pixel density is one of the most important factors when talking about image quality. When you have a higher pixel density, images will look crisper and sharper resulting in better picture quality! It provides great picture detail, making this monitor perfect for tasks such as a photo or video editing.

With over 16 million pixels crammed into its 27 display, everything you see on this display looks crisp, clear, and incredibly lifelike even while zooming in! This makes this monitor an excellent choice if you do any kind of work that requires close inspection or manipulating multiple windows once.

What are the special features of this monitor?

Acer xg270hu has several special features that make it stand out.

First of all, this monitor has blue light filter technology which can be activated through the OSD to reduce the amount of strain put on your eyes during prolonged use. It is a great feature if you spend a lot of time working on monitors! Not only will it help your eye fatigue but it will also allow you to sleep better as blue lights have been scientifically proven to keep people awake!

Acer eyecare offers top-notch flicker-free sharp images without any traces of ghosting or motion blur. Another fantastic feature from Acer if you are sensitive to flickering screens and looking for a reliable monitor with less eye strain and more comfort then look no further than Acer xg270hu.

Motion blur can be caused by slow response times but this monitor has a fast response time of only 1ms! It is the perfect choice for gamers who are looking for an entry-level 1440p monitor! With great color reproduction and crisp sharp visuals, you will not find another monitor that offers such high resolution for this price!

It comes with 2x 2W speakers which are surprisingly brilliant quality at this price range giving rich sound-making games come to life if you don't like using headphones. You also have the option to plug in your own speakers via the headphone jack or use any other peripherals through the display port, HDMI and VGA ports available.

What are the monitor`s pros and cons?

The pros:

  • High resolution
  • Good color reproduction
  • Great motion blur reduction

The cons:

  • The 60hz refresh rate can be a bit limiting for hardcore gamers but it is more than enough for the casual gamer.

Will this monitor be suitable for gamers?

Acer xg270hu is an excellent choice for the more casual gamers who are looking to upgrade their monitor to 1440p without breaking the bank. You can play all of your favorite games smoothly on this monitor with great color reproduction and motion blur reduction!

The main point is that you can still play all of your favorite games at high frame rates without any issues! It has great color accuracy which makes it perfect for graphic design, video editing, or any other professional tasks that require true-to-life colors.

The FPS and overall performance of this monitor are great and it has a very reasonable price tag! I would definitely recommend this monitor for casual gamers or anyone else who wants to upgrade their monitor but they don't want to spend too much money!

Is it good for programming?

If you are looking for a monitor that is great for programming, this monitor is perfect! With its WQHD it is very good for multitasking and panning around multiple windows. The high pixel density makes text very sharp which allows you to see smaller details without straining your eyes which proves incredibly useful if you program on the daily basis like me!

It comes with adjustable stands that will allow you to place your monitor in an optimal position. It also has several advanced settings that can significantly improve your productivity such as picture-by-picture (PBP), dual controller, and dynamic dimming among others. If you need help finding out more about these features just let us know!


How can I set up multiple monitors?

Let us know if you need help setting up your new Acer xg270hu to work with multiple screens and we will be more than happy to help!

Will it match with PS5 or XBOX Series X?

This monitor is good for gaming up to 1440p which makes it perfect for any type of console including PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Can I upgrade the monitor?

Yes, you can upgrade this monitor by adding an SSD or RAM depending on what you wish to do. If you would like more help finding out how much hard drive space you need just let us know!

What cable jacks does it have?

It comes with several cable jacks such as VGA, HDMI, and displays port.

Do I need to adjust any settings before using this monitor?

Let us know if you need help setting up your new Acer xg270hu and we will be more than happy to help!

What is the refresh rate?

The refresh rate for this model is 60Hz which means that it has a medium level of responsiveness. It's great for casual gaming but hardcore gamers should try looking at models with higher refresh rates such as 144Hz or 240Hz.

Does it support Freesync?

Yes, this monitor supports AMD`s Freesync technology that drastically reduces screen tearing in games. It allows the monitor to work with the PC's graphics card instead of against it.

How much power does it consume?

It consumes approximately 50W of power which makes it extremely energy efficient. It has low power consumption but that doesn't mean that you compromise on image quality! With its 75hz refresh rate and 1440p resolution, you can be certain that your games will look smooth even if you spend a lot of time gaming each day!

Final words

Acer xg270HU is an excellent choice for casual gamers that are looking to upgrade their monitor but don't want to spend too much money. It has a high-quality screen, good color reproduction and it's perfect for programming! If you need help finding out more about this monitor just let us know!

This monitor is great for gaming up to 1440p which makes it perfect for any type of console including PS5 and Xbox Series X. The FPS and overall performance of this monitor is great and it has a very reasonable price tag!