10 curvy boudoir photography ideas

Susan Fernandez April 04 2022

The art of boudoir photography has, for years now, become one of the most popular styles and is used by many photographers to create beautiful works of art in their photos. Many women dream about having a boudoir photoshoot with a professional photographer and getting some great pictures taken that they can use however they want and keep forever. So it’s no surprise that so many women are drawn to this type of photography and are looking for unique ideas when it comes to taking their own boudoir photos.

What are the peculiarities of boudoir photography for curvy women?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that boudoir photography is about celebrating your own unique beauty. Whether you’re a size 2 or a size 22, there’s no “right” way to look in boudoir photos. In fact, many women love the idea of using boudoir photography as a way to embrace their curves and show off their bodies in a new light.

There are several aspects of curvy boudoir photography that make it unique and truly special. First, when you’re working with a professional photographer, they will be able to help you pose in a way that makes the most of your curves without sacrificing your sense of style or femininity. Additionally, many women who have plus-size bodies do better in front of the camera when they actually feel comfortable and confident about their bodies rather than worrying about whether or not their weight is “right” for boudoir photos.

Some other things to consider when it comes to curvy boudoir photography include using different types of lingerie and outfits, having fun props like feather fans or boas, and experimenting with different poses and lighting. When you work with a professional photographer, they will help guide you through all of these decisions so that you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

If you’re ready to try out curvy boudoir photography for yourself, then consider booking a session with a professional photographer today. They can help walk you through the process and create gorgeous photos that you’ll treasure forever!

What makes a good boudoir photo?

The most crucial aspect is to compliment your subject, but getting too close or using a wide lens would distort them. A prime with a focal length of between 50 and 100 mm and a broad maximum aperture, such as f/1.8, is best. Alternatively, use a zoom with a large maximum aperture like f/2.8. These let in lots of light, so you can keep shutter speeds high to avoid camera shake and blur.

Shooting at a low angle makes anyone look powerful, so if your subject is self-conscious about their stomach, this is a great way to flatter them. Get down on the floor, or stand on something to elevate yourself – whatever takes to get the camera closer to their level.

Use a long lens and shoot from across the room for a more flattering perspective that will make your subject look taller and thinner. If they’re comfortable with it, they to lean against a wall or doorframe with one shoulder slightly higher than the other – this creates a lovely S-shape.

Lighting is key in boudoir photography. You want to avoid hard shadows, so use a diffuser or window light coming from the side. If you have to shoot with artificial light, use a softbox placed close to your subject for a similar effect.

For a more sensual look, try using backlighting. This is where the light source is behind your subject, and it creates a beautiful halo effect around their head and body. Just be careful not to overexpose the photo – underexposing by one stop should be enough.

Boudoir photography is all about celebrating your subject’s unique beauty, so there are no real rules when it comes to taking good photos. However, these tips will help you create flattering, sensual, and gorgeous photos that your subject will love. So get creative, have fun, and experiment to see what works best for you and your subject!

What should I do before a boudoir shoot?

Your preparations should get started 1-2 days before the shoot. To avoid any unforeseen issues, we recommend you the following.

Get a new manicure! Avoid using bright colors, because neutrals are ideal. this detail maybe not be so considerable at first, but it will definitely be seen in the photos. Manicure is an important part of the look.

Make a list of what you'll wear ahead of time. It will help you decide on a look that complements your body type and is flattering. For example, if you have wide hips, wear a bra with fuller coverage to help balance them out. You can consider different clothes and lingerie items to find what makes you feel most comfortable and confident.

Take care of your skin in advance. Moisturize regularly, and exfoliate lightly at night so you don’t end up with dry flaky patches from shaving or waxing the morning before your session. Also, be mindful of how much sun exposure you are getting (and tanning). Extreme tans can make for unattractive photos and sitting under a tanning bed will only cause an uneven color later when the photo is developed.

Hydrate your skin with ample water! To hydrate your skin, avoid alcohol and drink lots of water. It means, your skin will be looking brighter and healthier come shoot day. Get a good night's sleep the night before. You'll look more rested, which will help you feel more confident in front of the camera.

To guarantee that you have everything you'll need, prepare your boudoir bag the night before. You should take with you a little make-up (your favorites and the items that suit you best), a hairbrush, a comb, some spare stockings, and maybe even an extra pair of heels.

Talk to your photographer about what you like to wear. They can help you select flattering outfits that'll be perfect for the shoot. You should also ask them if they have any suggestions on what may work well with your body type. Also keep in mind that different photographers have their own style preferences, so talk to multiple boudoir photographers before committing to booking anyone.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly during your session and avoid any unexpected issues, it's important to communicate clearly with your boudoir photographer about what you want from your photos.

Relax and get ready to be pampered. Double-check your list, unwind, and prepare to be pampered!

How should I pose for curvy photos?

There are a lot of poses for curvier ladies that will help to flatter your figure, and here are some of our favorites! Plus-size boudoir photography is no exception. The same rule holds true for plus-size boudoir photography - a flattering pose for one shape might not be ideal for another. So, if you're a plus-size model, you should know what kinds of poses are best for you; and if you're a photographer, this will be useful too because you'll have more control over your model during the shoot.

Arms up

This pose is quite common for plus-size boudoir photography and is considered one of the most flattering. It works particularly well for curvier girls because it draws attention to the upper body (particularly the décolletage) and away from any larger areas on your lower half. When you pull your arms up your body looks taller and slightly thinner... It's an easy pose to hold for the model, too!

Head tilt

Another classic plus-size boudoir photography pose is tilting the head to one side - this works nicely for showing off your facial features, but it also helps to make your 'problem areas' look smaller. It's a pretty simple (and fun) way of posing and really shows off your best features. When you tilt your head away from the camera you can draw attention to your cleavage or just show off some of your face (depending on what you want in that particular photo).

Squire frontal

Avoid having your body straight towards the camera, according to many posing instructions. This may be true, but there's an exception for everything - and this is one of them: the power stance. This pose is fierce and shows off your confidence, which is always a good thing. You can put your hands on your hips to really drive the point home (just make sure you don't look like you're about to attack someone). This pose also works well if you want to show off some leg - just remember not to go too crazy with it or you'll end up looking more 'trashy' than 'sexy'.

Laying on your back with a crossed legs

Quite a simple pose, but one that works very well for plus-size boudoir imagery. Not only does it look quite flattering on any body type, but it also can help to hide a part of the body you aren't comfortable with showing in your photos. Crossing one leg over another really helps to make your thighs less prominent by camouflaging them slightly and they shouldn't be so noticeable when you lay down sideways. For this pose, we recommend lying on your left side as some people will find their right arm invisible in photographs if they're laying on their left side - but everyone is different, so just try out both sides and see which looks best.

Use your profile

On the side, photos look amazing for curvier ladies, as they can help to give the illusion of a thinner waist and longer legs. If you're not comfortable with having your whole body in the photo, then this is a great way to get around that - you can still show off your best assets without feeling like you're exposing too much. Remember to tilt your head slightly towards the camera so that your features are more visible, and if you want to really accentuate your curves then try putting one hand on your hip (just make sure it doesn't look too forced).

The 'seated v'

This pose is super flattering for curvier ladies because it really shows off your curves. It's also a great way to show some leg without feeling like you're exposing too much. To really accentuate your curves, bring your legs together and push them outwards (just make sure you feel comfortable with it!). This will help to give the impression of bigger hips and a smaller waist by making those areas more prominent in the photo.

Arch your back

Boudoir photography is all about showing off your best assets, so if you've got a killer curve then make sure you show it off! Arching your back is a great way to do that, as it really helps to accentuate your shape. It also has the added bonus of making your chest look bigger (which is always a good thing). Just make sure you don't arch too much or you'll end up looking more 'humpy' than 'sexy'. Moreover, arching the back can also help to give the illusion of a thinner waist - so it's a win-win!

Take advantage of furniture

Furniture can be your best friend when it comes to plus-size boudoir photography - it can help to accentuate your curves, give you something to lean on (which can be very flattering), and even help to hide any 'problem areas you don't want in the photo. If you're not comfortable with having your whole body in the photo, then using furniture is a great way to get around that. You can still show off your best assets without feeling like you're exposing too much. Just make sure you don't use too much furniture or you'll end up looking cluttered.

Look over your shoulder

We love this pose and think it looks great on all body types, but it's especially flattering for curvier ladies as it helps to give the impression of a smaller waist. Just make sure your back is arched slightly (but not too much!) and don't forget to keep your shoulders straight in order to look your best. It is very shy and at the same time sweet, but it is also very sexy. Very sensual kind of look for your head to be turned over your shoulder and look at the camera as though you are being caught in an intimate moment. Look at just how great this woman looks by turning herself slightly away from the camera yet still letting her curves show through. This pose goes back to unifying those hips with the shoulders and making sure there is nothing drooping out or hanging down where it should not.

Use your tub

Photos in the tub always look amazing, and they're especially flattering for curvier ladies as they help to show off your curves. If you're not comfortable with having your whole body in the photo, then this is a great way to get around that - you can still show off your best assets without feeling like you're exposing too much. Tub photos are quite popular because they are intimate and kinda sensual but at the same time, you do not have to be showing all of yourself. That is why it has become a popular option for plus-size boudoir photography.